Ethics Policy


We at Vishal enterprise are engaged in Manufacturing, Supply, Project Execution, Shutdown & Routine Maintenance related solutions to the industry.

Vishal enterprise has a long and proud tradition of conducting business in accordance with the highest ethical standards and in full compliance with all applicable laws. The Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Policy were developed to provide clear guidance to all Vishal Enterprise employees and to ensure a consistent approach to business practices throughout Vishal Enterprise operations.

Vishal Enterprise Management is fully committed to conduct business with the highest level of integrity and expect strict adherence to the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics policy and the law. There will be zero tolerance of non-compliance and any violations will result in swift corrective action, including possible termination of employment.

Let us commit to comply unequivocally with the highest standards of integrity and business ethics.

Our Ethical Values

Vishal Enterprise and each of its employees must conduct their affairs with uncompromising honesty and integrity.

Employees are expected to be honest and ethical in dealing with each other, with clients, vendors and all other third parties.

Conflicts of Interest

One must avoid any personal activity, investment or association which could appear to interfere with good judgment concerning Vishal Enterprise best interests. You may not exploit your position or relationship with Vishal Enterprise for personal gain. You should avoid even the appearance of such a conflict. For example, there is a likely conflict of interest if you:

-> cause Vishal Enterprise to engage in business transactions with relatives or friends;

-> use Vishal Enterprise, client or vendor information for personal gain by you, relatives or friends;

-> have more than a modest financial interest in Vishal Enterprise vendors, clients or com petitors;

-> compete, or prepare to compete, with Vishal Enterprise while still employed by Vishal Enterprise.

-> There are other situations in which a conflict of interest may arise.

Compliance with Law

One is expected to comply with the applicable laws, rules & regulations and client requirements.

Gifts, Bribes and Kickbacks

Neither you nor your relatives may give gifts to, or receive gifts from, Vishal Enterprise's current or prospective clients, vendors or any other commercial partners without prior written approval from the Executive Management Team.

If a gift, entertainment or hospitality has been authorized by Executive Management, the person receiving it needs to record the gift, entertainment or hospitality in the company's gift register.

Improper Use or Theft of Company Property

Every employee must safeguard Vishal Enterprise property from loss or theft, and may not use or take such property for personal use.

Protection of Client or Vendor Information

You may not use and/or reveal Vishal Enterprise, client or vendor confidential or proprietary information to others.